Projects & Services


Plan 8 is a specialist wind farm developer: We focus on the creation of utility-scale wind farms. Our offices manage a portfolio of international projects. We handle a complete range of services, providing everything that is needed from the inception phase to successful commissioning of wind farm projects.

The Plan 8 office in Germany provides support to relevant processes, such as site planning, commercial, technical and legal aspects of the business . Our team of engineers works closely with a variety of specialists; from EIA consultants to ecologists, landscape architects, grid connection specialists, meteorologists, geologists, ornithologists, land surveyors, noise control experts and lawyers. 

Plan8 offers expertise in the following services:

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Creating and overseeing contracts with landowners and local communities.
  • Site planning
  • Data collection
  • Detailed Feasibility studies
  • Turbine selection for ideal performance outcomes.
  • Development of various site scenarios.
  • External Services and expert assessment
  • Emissions controls (acoustic, shadow,
  • visual interference studies)
  • Ornithology and bats.
  • Structural engineering services.
  • Electrical engineering services.
  • Grid studies
  • Performance forecasts based on site scenarios
  • Management of approval procedures
  • Liaising with relevant authorities
  • Funding
  • Construction
  • Road construction
  • Foundation and tower construction
  • Grid connection
  • Wind turbine installation